A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth.  It is secured by crowns attached to carefully prepared natural teeth on either side of the space. A high quality prosthetic replacement fills the gap, restoring your smile, confidence and function.


The procedure for a bridge is similar to that of placing two crowns. The only difference comes when the two crowns are fitted – they have a third prosthetic tooth connecting them.

  • at your first appointment your supportive teeth, to which the crowns are bonded, are precisely shaped and any decay is removed
  • existing fillings may need replacement or adjustment
  • an impression is taken of your teeth and gums
  • this template is used to construct a replacement bridge in a dental laboratory
  • while your new bridge is being made, a temporary bridge may be worn to prevent you walking around with a gap in your teeth
  • at the second appointment the temporary bridge is removed and your permanent bridge is secured in place

It blends seamlessly in size and appearance with your surrounding natural teeth.

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